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Hello, my name is Marty Connor, and I am the founder of Entity Cyber, Inc., in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Marty Connor

For over 20 years I have been helping people with personal computers, and for the last 10 years it has been my pleasure to specialize in helping people with Macintosh computers.

My primary goal is to empower my clients.

My reason for starting my own company was to use and share the knowledge I have gained in my years of working with computers to help other people, so they can use their computers more easily to accomplish whatever projects they choose.

That's why I chose to specialize in Macintosh computers. The Macintosh computer with its "radical ease of use" philosophy is an excellent choice for people who want to use their computer as a creative tool without the distraction of having to be overly technical.

Because the Macintosh has an excellent user interface, it also is a wonderful machine to use for accessing the Internet.

It is an all-around natural choice for gathering information and communicating with other people.

A little about myself...

I began my career with computers while still in college, when I managed a computer lab for other students. The best part of the job was helping people while we worked together to find solutions to computer projects.

After working for several years, after college, as a developer and manager in the high technology industry here in Massachusetts, I decided to start my own company (called Marty's Computer Workshop, back then) to help people learn about and use their computers.

Since that time, I have not looked back. In fact, my job is fabulous because it gives me the chance to meet very interesting and creative people, who tend to be exactly the people who are drawn to Macintosh computers. I get to help people in very real ways, and see the exciting things they are able to do when the computer becomes their trusted and convenient tool.

Other pursuits.

In the past few years, I have been involved as a developer in various Open Source projects, expecially the
Etherboot project. I also have created Thinguin.org and ROM-o-matic.net to contribute to the Open Source and Free Software movements.

I am also an inventor.

I am also an inventor. In 1990, before computer wrist rests were readily available in stores, I researched and designed a unique keyboard wrist rest to help protect computer users from wrist fatigue and tendinitis. I initially developed this wrist rest for my wife, a writer, who found that my design helped relieve pain caused by computer typing. When other people began asking us for the same type of wrist rest, a new product was born.

Through Marty's Computer Workshop (our company name before we incorporated in January 1997), we manufactured and sold several thousand of these keyboard rests, called the Wrist Pad Plus™, throughout the United States and Canada.

I am, though, especially proud of our other product, the Mouse Paw™. We developed this product after many of our wrist rest customers asked for a support for computer mice. After over a year of research, design, and plain-old hard work, I was granted US Patent 5,165,630 in 1992 for a specialized wrist rest for computer mouse users. We have many satisfied customers and continue to sell this product through direct mail and stores.