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Our Approach

For over 20 years, we have been offering consulting services in the Cambridge/Boston and North Shore area.

This whole time, we have proudly specialized in Macintosh and Internet consulting. And you know what? Our business keeps growing.

It's because people and businesses like you continue to invest in Macintoshes, and continue to push the technology forward in online and creative fields, instead of heeding the "doomsayers" (you know - those people who've been saying for more than 15 years that the Macintosh is "dead").

Services Include

Pre-purchase consultation

Design of computer facilities

Network installation & maintenance

Macintosh integration into PC/Windows networks

Software installation & technical support

Database design and implementation

Backup system implementation

Custom documentation

Private instruction

To find out more about our consulting services and rates, please give us a call (617.491.6935).

Our Approach
We first opened our consulting doors in 1989, under the name Marty's Computer Workshop. It was a friendly and informal name, which we chose because it matched our welcoming and personal approach.

Though we changed our name to Entity Cyber Inc. when we incorporated in 1997, rest assured that we've kept our individual-centered approach to consulting. We believe that friendliness can, and should, go hand-in-hand with a high level of competence.

From the very start, our approach has been to view the computer as a tool that can help both individuals and organizations improve their effectiveness. Unlike many consulting companies, we believe that the needs and work style of each computer's user is the key to making the computer useful.

To help our clients shape a computer solution that works for them, we follow the lead of our founder, Marty Connor, and start by focusing on their requirements. We listen carefully to our customers' needs and constraints. We try to find out what they already like (and don't like) in their current computer environment. We

This lets us suggest solutions that offer the greatest benefit and value given the resources available.

It's our pleasure to be at the forefront of desktop technology, right along with you. In fact, focusing our business on Macintosh and Internet technologies lets us meet a wide variety of creative and interesting people, and also gives us the chance to work on some nifty projects.